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Deadflicks Horror Podcast

Aug 15, 2019

Meet the worst lodger on earth in Georges Méliès' The Diabolic Tenant
- or maybe the best tenant?

If you like the idea of a magical trunk, implausible self-assembling IKEA furniture, and an exploding sideboard - all stitched together with God-like jump cut skills.

We pretty much ooohhh and ahhhhh for the...

Jul 25, 2019

The paradox of the Annabelle trilogy is that whilst keeping us viewers scrambling to wrap their heads around broken logic, inconsistent lore, and a timeline that feels like its only purpose is to get to the next film - there are also some wonderful horror moments to be had.

Either way, we try and make sense of the...

Jul 25, 2019

Have you delved into the drug-induced, mind-bending festival of pain, grief, and flowers, that is Midsommar?

If you haven't yet, be warned this Horror Talk is full of spoilers...we did warn you.

We loved this movie and all its delightful twists, turns, and interesting concepts. Join us as we discuss the writing,...

Jul 16, 2019

Was Overlord Overrated?
Not at all! It was a damn good movie.
We talk about the film’s wonderfully wilful historical inaccuracies (which we loved) Nazi burnings and beatings, and fist-pumping epic moments and get all informative on de Frunch, and β€˜sploding zomboys.

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Jul 12, 2019

"Can you spy him, deep within? Little Possum, black as sin.” πŸ•Έ

Wade into the mind of Garth Marenghi, climb free from your black leather holdall, slip out of your shadowy corner and watch a crumbling facade of sanity from an abused puppeteer and his cute puppet...

- When I say cute, I mean horrifying, like shit your...